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Queen Darma: 1946, Jumbo Comics #93 (Fiction). In a lost world in Africa, Queen Darma rules over the Dawn Race. She and her race are brown skinned hominids, with hair about their bodies and long tails. When Sheena, her boyfriend Bob and a professor with his expedition accidentally find Darma's land she captures them and prepares to sacrifice them to the stone idol of their god Da-Kaahn. She fights Sheena in single combat and apparently falls to her death in her pit of giant "craw-crabs".

Queen Fangora: 1939, Jumbo Comics #10 (Fiction): Queen Fangora ruled 20,000 years in the past. Her kingdom was on an island, the men having heads of tigers and they raided the mainland for slaves from prehistoric tribes. She takes an interest in Stuart Taylor when he, Dr. Haywood, and Laura come visiting and are captured by her men. They escape, but an earthquake sinks her island.

Queen Izzuki: 1940,Fantastic Comics #6 (Fox). This Queen rules the Amazons in Amazoland. She kidnaps Dr. Chandler in order to make him operate on her and make her young and beautiful again, after which she plans to force Captain Kidd marry her. Kidd manages to escape with Dr. Chandler, leaving the Queen an old hag.

Queen Marie: 1940, Wham Comics 2. (Centaur). Queen Marie heads up a diamond smuggling ring. Her right hand man is named Butler. In her headquarters, she has set up a fancy throne room and dresses like some kind of native queen with several bald primitively garbed natives as guards. She is captured by the Sparkler.

Queen of Evil: 1941, Fantastic Comics #22 (Fox). In Thebes, 1000 BC, Nagana is "called the daughter of Isis", a faithful worshiper. However, she is envious of the goddess' hold over the city and plots evil. Isis strikes back at her, leveling the temple. Nagana spends the next 3000 years as a statue when archaeologists uncover her and she comes back to life. Isis realizes that she cannot destroy Nagana directly, so she ressurects Kalkor a faithful worshipper and priest-to-be that had stood up against Nagana in Thebes.

Queen of Hearts: August 1941, Victory Comics #1 (Hillman). Daring spy and 5th Columnist, she's their counterpart of the Spade of the Secret Service. Like him, she leaves a playing card to identify her actions. She evades capture several times.

Queen of the Majaja: 1949, Exciting Comics #67 (Standard), reprinted in 1993, Jungle Girls 15 (AC). Anthony Durrant writes: The Queen of the Majaja tribe pretended to be a wereleopard to instill fear into her subjects. Clad in an outfit made from a leopard skin, she stole diamonds that had been found by an explorer and tried to take his son Billy captive. However Judy of the Jungle intervened and the Queen of the Majaja fell victim to the poisoned claws of her leopard-skin glove.

Queen of Simba Land: 1949, Rulah #22 (Fox). In the jungles, Rora is a beautiful red-headed queen of a kingdom of natives along with dangerous lions that she keeps controlled by whip. She desires to conquer all of the jungles and first targets the jungle prince Zago's village by using the Trojan horse trick (only this time with a giant gold lion). Ultimately, the lions go berserk, toppling the vast structure, killing many of their former captors presumably including Rora, the cruelest of them.

Queen Tua: 1941, Shadow Comics v1#11 (Street & Smith). Queen Tua rules the underground civilization Charon which dreams of conquering the surface world. Her plans are complicated by her attraction for the surface hero Iron Munro who stands in her way.

The Quisling Queen of Tambu: Speed Comics 38 (Harvey): On the South Pacific isle of Tambu, they sexy Queen Lagoona has thrown in with the Japs. However, Bob Gibson, aka Shock Gibson happens to be on the island with his army patrol and manages to capture the Island and its quisling queen.

Quorak: 1940, Planet Comics #1 (Fiction House). Quorak, the Space Pirate, is a would-be ruler of the universe. Like many space aliens of the time, he has the large bulbous head and spindly body and limbs. With his great inventions, he threatens to destroy all civilizations starting with the greatest of the planets, Pluto. Seriously? The greatest of planets? Take that 20th Century scientists! Quorak's plans are halted by the Inter-Planetary Police.