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Welcome.A fan by the name of Damon came up with an idea: to commission from artists pictures of the various Liberty Legion heroes against the heroes of the All-Star Squadron. Since he didn't have web space of his own, I volunteered to house the pictures at my site.

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The Whizzer improbably stealing the Flash's helmet. Purists will note that Flash here is sporting his silver-age counterpart's lightning emblem. Art by Ron Lim.

Hawkman vs. Red Raven by artist Jeff Moy. A beautiful piece, although, personally, I'd have liked to see the Raven as he appeared on the cover of Red Raven Comics without the cowl and with bat wings. However, the version here is the one most are familiar with. I'd have also liked Hawkman to be in a helmet more identified with the golden-age version (even the cloth mask) than the silver-age. However, overall it's a beautiful piece with fluid art and very complete and clear pencil work.