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vandal savage, green lantern02-26-15

Heroes: The Masked Stranger, "Rip" Sawyer. Modified Green Hornet, Green Lama, and Green Turtle. DC Heroes: Scoop Scanlon, Chuck Warren. Timely Heroes: The Ferret, Taxi Taylor

Villains: The Brain, Eraser Gang, Dr. Fosfor, Green Ghoul, Kardo, Masked Nazi, Dr. Praecox, The 7-11 gang, the Vampire. DC Villains: Injustice Society of the World, The Vandal, Vandal Savage. Fawcett: Dr. Encyclo





Heroes: Bob Colby, Lucky Wings. MODIFY: Cap Stone, The Owl II, Bob Steele, The Sword (for the Lancer's origin)

Villains: Abdul the Terrible, Baron, Dapper Daisy Dan, Dr. Sabin, San Sin, Triton, Un-named - Robot-tank of Japan, Werewolf, Professor Witz

Fawcett: Heroes: Penny Graves. Villains: Crimson Claw, Curiosa Club, Kid Glove, Mind Reader, Phantom of the Fog

Advertising Heroes: added a Captain Tootsie adventure as well as some featuring RC and Quickie, and U.S. Royal.


Heroes: Modified Iron Lady, Nightmare

Villains: King of the Living Dead, Kroff, Tiger Lady

DC Heroes: Mr. Chang

Quality Heroes: Jimmy Christian, Captain Cook, Flash Fulton, John Law

Quality Villains: The Avenger, Voodoo Master

Timely Heroes: Tom Powers




Heroes: Carrie Cashin, Challenger MODIFY: Crimson Rider (added images).

Villains: Eviloff

DC Heroes: Vigilante

DC Villains: Rainbow Man

Quality Heroes: Clip Chance

MLJ Heroes: MODIFY: Wizard

Timely Heroes: Challenger, Fourth Musketeer, Moon Man, Roko, Victory Boys, Vision


Heroes: Matty Case, Pepper Casey, Commando Ranger, Little Dynamite (II), Inspector Roc. MODIFY: Bronze Man, Earthquake, Gun Master, Spade of the Secret Service, "Swoop" Storm

Villains: Chopper, the Leper, No Face, Shady Lady, Velvet Silver, Baron Von Drax. MODIFY: Groff

DC Heroes: Cotton Carver, Cabbie Casey, Chuck Dawson

Fawcett Villains: Macro the Giant, Mr. Banjo MODIFY Ibac

Timely Heroes: Flash Casey, Electro

Timely Villains: Boss Sarpo, Dr. Bruno Varoz.


Heroes: Black Knight, Flip Carson, Nick Carter, Dynamo Tom (Advertising Heroes page),Keri Krane, Lightning Jim, Mr. District Attorney, Rocket Boys, Navy Bob Steele, U.S. Royal

Villains: The Black Widow, The Panther, The Professor

DC Heroes: King Carter, Steve Carter, Brad Hardy, Johnny Peril

DC Villains: MODIFY Master of Corpses

MLJ Heroes: Zoom O'Day, Three Musketeers, Vagabond, Zog. MODIFY Black Hood, The Web

MLJ Villains: Clubfoot, Creeper, Un-named Villains (Dr. Volt, Green Skeleton Legion, Hunchback, Nazi Mole Man). MODIFY Captain Murder, Count Berlin

Quality Heroes: MODIFY Eric Vale

Timely Heroes: Terry Vance, Venus


Divided the Quality page into two, one for Heroes and the other Villains.

Heroes: Cutter Carson, Dudley Dance, Dann Dunn, Ace King, Bob Scully, MODIFIED: Captain Victory, Dean Denton, Three Cheers

Villains: Baron Bledfors, Faux Skywolf, Four Horsemen, Inez, The Kumas, The Mad Monk, The Monocle, Revenge, Un-named - Alligator Man, the Viking

DC Heroes: Clip Carson

DC Villains: Cheops, Grasso, Monocle

Quality Heroes: Barracuda, Blackhawk, Blue Tracer, Death Patrol, Loops and Banks, Man in the Iron Mask, Miss America, Monsieur X, The Phantom Clipper, Shot and Shell, The Sniper. MODIFIED X of the Underground, Yankee Eagle.

Quality Heroes: Black Tigress, Genghis Khan II, The Scavengers, The Thing,


Heroes: Bos'n Hal, the sea-scout; Shark Egan; Pack Morgan; Don Rance; Samson, the strong man; Ted Starr. MODIFIED:Captain V, Junior Patrol

Villains: Cat Maidens, Crocodile, Ea, Faux Phantom Lady, Headhunter Queen, Mistress of the Apes, Un-named - Cobra Queen, Un-named - Walking Death Boy MODIFIED: Minstrel - corrected publication info.


Heroes: Captain Crime, Captain Fight (II), Captain Jim, Captain Dale of the RCMP, Johnny Dale, Lucky Dale, Scott Dalton, Johnny Danger, Don Diablo, Stormy Frost, Ghost Guerillas, Steve Hagen, Junior Patrol, Ted Kane, Dick Royce, Secret Agent 7-X, Sky Hawk (II). MODIFIED: Captain Battle, Jr., Captain Dash, Captain Devil-dog, Captain Stand-in, Rip Carson, Cloak, G-Man Dalton, Lightnin' and the Lone Rider, Scoop Daily

Villains (New Profiles): Black Baron, Field Marshal Klaus Von Teufel, Pari, Un-named - Red Hooded League.

DC Heroes: Captain Compass, Captain Jim of the Texas Rangers

Timely Heroes: Captain Daring (II), Captain Dash, Dakor, Mantor


Heroes: Tom Campbell, Candid Charlie, Cannoball Cannon, El Capitan, Dick Kent, Laughing Mask, Liberty Boys, Spike Mason, Mister Twister, Bill Rodman, V-22. Modify: Battling Beau Brummell, Bulldog Denny, Viking Carter, Voodini.

DC Heroes: Cap'n Erik

Timely Heroes: Captain America (I & II), Eternal Brain, Human Top, Magar the Mystic, Hurricane, Mercury, Comet Pierce, Red Raven.

Villains: Black Hand, Boss 'X', the Brain, Doctor Devil, the Eel, Professor Einmetz, Gorgon, Half-Man, the Leader, Mercury, Monster, Oom, Reaper, Toad, Un-named - Brotherhood of the Skull, Dr. Van Ridder, Whizzo Modify: The Scorpion (II).


Heroes: Tom Barry, Defenders, Dr. Fung, Joe Spook, Tommy Taylor, Tommy Tomahawk Modify: Eagle, K-51, Tom Maxon, Patty O'Day, Captain Derek West.

Villains (New Profiles):Black Doom, Fu Chu, The Hand, Man Without a Face, Monster, Mustafa, The Noose, Red Lash, Scarecrow, Der Teufel, Ugly Puss, Unholy Three, Un-named - Green Thor and the City Destroyer, Un-named - The Horned SKulls, The Voice, Baron Von Tootree, Vladim, Volton, Voris the Fire Master, The Yellow Horde.

Fawcett Villains: Man Without a Face, Masked Chef. Modify: Limping Mummy.

Timely Villains: The Voice.


Heroes: Black Bloch, Calhoun of the Air Cadets, Clipper Kirk, Captain Sheridan (aka Tim Cassidy, Spitfire Ace, Yankee Thunderbolt). Modified: Blaze Steel, Spitfire Ace, Jane Martin.

Villains (New Profiles): Baroness Von Hohenlinden, Crime Boss, Karl Von Richten








Heroes: Peter Grit, Inspector Kirk of Scotland Yard, Bob Kodar, Leatherneck Jones, Little Giant, Pal Peyton, Phantom Knight, Rodeo Ryan, Space Ace, Teller Twins, Undercover Girl, Un-named Lady in Peril, Roger Wright Modified: Lynx, Silver Streak, Jack Terry, Wraith, Zudo

Villains: Baron Doomsday, Countess Belladonna, Death, Death Master, Fantasy Isle, Hooded Man, Manx, Searer, Un-named Villains: Demon of the Lamp, Eerie Man, Nazi Clan, Roc, Torture Master Modified: Avenging Axe

DC Heroes: Jack Woods

Quality Page: Heroes: Granny Gumshoe, Wilda/Nuisance, Steve Wood Villains: The Air Gang, Faux Plastic Men, The Hag, The Hawk, The Noose, Perkins and his Pelican, The Sexton, Splinter

Timely Heroes: Super Slave, The Terror, The Witness I & II

Timely Villains: Sub-Earth Man


Heroes: Earthquake, Spook Hunters Modified: Red Robbins

Villains: Retlih

Quality: Chic Carter, Eagle Evans, Steele Kerrigan Villains: Madam Brawn, Hangman, Dr. Scratch


Heroes: Lance Darrow Modified: Tim Dawson, Grim Reaper, Magnet, Red Robbins

Villains: New Profiles: Bulvo, Crimson Conqueror, Hooded Hexmen, Pierre La Morte, Rook, Vanza of the Vultures, Wrecker, Zombie. Modified Merciless the Sorceress


Heroes: Long Bow, Rocket Riley

DC Heroes: Bruce Nelson, Nighthawk, Wonder Woman

DC Villains: Rosa Rinaldo, Sen Yoi, Modified Fang Gow

Advertising Heroes page: Captain Tootsie and the Run-away Horse.


Heroes: Danjoe, Captain Frank Hawks, Captain Tornado, Prince Otembi, Un-named - the Witch, Winged Warriors, X-23 Modified Don Winslow

Villains: Assinoff, Black Phantom, Chen Chang, Professor, Professor Weathersby, The Skull, The Skull (another one), Un-named - The Green Mandarins, The Weather Kings. Modified Dr. Centaur

Fawcett Villains: Black Rider, Death Dealer, Ear, Mr. Death Modified Honest John, Horned Masks

MLJ Heroes: Moore of the Mounted Modified Ben Johnson, Kardak, Kayo Ward, West Pointer.

MLJ Villains: Corrected Princess Cleo.

Quality Heroes: Sherlock Doyle, Madam Fatal, Red Torpedo, Wings Wendall, Whistler, Wildfire Modified Lee Preston

Quality Villains: Black Morda, Captain Krawl, Clown, Cricket, Ghosts of the Glen, Green Masked Bund


Heroes: Captain Death, Front Page Peggy, Ras Singh, Trouble-Shooter, Werewolf Hunter, Captain Derek West, Kit West, Whisperer, Whistlin' Kid, White Indian Modified: Air Rover, Alabam, Billy West

Villains: Baron Satakai, Black Samurai, The Claw, Creeper, Faux Green Hornet. Modfied: Corpse, Lynx, Porcupine

DC Heroes: Les Watts, The Whip, Wildcat

DC Villains: Karvac

Fawcett Villains: Headless Horseman, Herr Zero

Quality Villains: Bubble Head Breen, Ice Man, Mr. Fission



Heroes: Buck 'n' Broncho, Detective Sgt. Burke, Smoke Burnam, Burma Burns, Smoke Bush, Happy Chandler, Danny Dash, Little Lobo, Mustang Jack, Peace Raider, Yank and Rebel, Yankee Patrol, Yellow Jacket Jr., Young Avenger, Young Falcon. Modify: Dash Dartwell, Dr. X, Greg Gilday, Wild Tex Martin, Phantom of the Hills, Steel Shark, Young Americans.

Villains: Black Legion, Black Terrorist, Devil of the Deep, Finger of the Frozen Death, The Gray Hordes, Herr Monocle, Hooded Men of Tibet, The Killer/Dart Killer, The Law of Caribou, Merciless the Sorceress (I), Mystic Knights of Bagdad, Sikandur, Voodoo, War Master/Warmaster

Fawcett Heroes: Red Skye

Fawcett Villains: Baron Von Togo

MLJ Heroes: Detective Sgt. Burke, War Eagles Modify: Clancy and Loony, Nevada Jones, Red Reagan, Steel Sterling

MLJ Villains: Ming Low, Mr. Nimbus, Princess Cleo, Queen Loha, Tania and Neek-olaus, Yum Chac Cult, Un-named Headless Men, Un-named Inferno Demon, Un-named Torture Squad Modify: Twisto

Quality Heroes: Paul Bunyan, Cyclone, Kid Dixon, Kid Patrol, Merlin, Q-Boat, Yankee Eagle (I) & (II).

Timely Heroes: Sun Girl, Young Allies


Heroes: Jay Brooks, Captain Courage (II), Captain Cutlass, Vic Flint, Harbor Patrol, Johnny on the Spot, Ted Hart, Marietta, Masked Blackjack, Ol' Skipper, Ol' Skipper Webb, Inspector Pratt, South Sea Girl, Pepper Swift, "Globe" Trotter, Tugboat Tessie, Unholy 3. Modified: American Eagle, Barry Kuda, Captain Courage, Four Comrades, Gay Desperado, Jungo/jungol, Lady Satan, Master Key, Sky Chief.

New Profiles of Villains: The Ape, Black Hawk Gang, Dr. Syko, Dr. Vetter, Cindy Ford, The Gibbet, Invisible Menace, Kharma, Krag, Dr. Diablo (II), The Prophet, Red Regent, Signor Diablo, Sinistro, The Skeleton, Skeleton Horsemen, Mr. Skugg and Angel, Sleep King, Spider Master, Tarantula, Un-named - Green Spider, Un-named - Mad Doctor Gang, Un-named Masked Devil, Un-named Monk and Ham, Dr. Wolfe. Modified: Black Satan

Quality: Rock Braddon, Ned Brant, Lion Boy, Don Glory, Hell-Diver, Orchid.

DC Heroes: Captain Quick, Detective Sergeant Carey, Steve Conrad, Dale Daring, Ivar, Mark Marson, Red Riley, Captain Douglas Stewart

DC Villains: Nira-Q, Dr. Hugo Vreekill