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The Heroes: "Al" Addin, Fifty Fathoms Foster, Hammerhead Hawley, The Fog, Celeste Karloff, Captain Ku, Magician from Bagdad, P.T. Patrol, The Rapier, Sgt. Blue, Strut Simmons. Revised: Atlas, Captain Aero, Clown, Gargoyle, Iron Vic, Judy of the Jungle, Mirror Man, Spitfire.

Villains: Agent X, Baroness Hartlesse, Black Baron, Black Lama, Blue Falcon, Black Tarantula, Deathless Witch of Spittin' Devil, Devil, Faux Black Terrors, Gorrit, Sin Lee, Phantom of Cadel, Siva Dey, Jim Evers

DC Villains: Gimmick Guy.

Fawcett Villains: Gloobells, Lady Satan

Quality Villains: The Crow, Atmos Fear, Ki Kaney, Faux Lady Luck, Marak, The Spider.


Heroes: Captain Hadacol, Jimmy Cole, "Dynamite" Dunn, Electro, Jim Hardy, Merlin the boy magician, Shroud. Modified Black, Raider, Mirror Man, Triple Terror

DC Heroes: Lady Danger, Lando, Tarantula.

Villains: faux Mirror Man, The Glove, Lady Doom, Mystic Monarch, Paper Man, Un-named - Devil of the Skull. Modified: Dr. Dracula, The Ghoul.

DC Villains: Ace-Deuce, Hood.

Quality Villains: Spider Man.